Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Too many To Dos

Last night I spent some time on PalmGear looking for enhanced ToDo apps. I started to have so many ToDos that sometimes one of them slips through the cracks. There are a number of them out there. Not to long ago I discovered that as part of its HandSpring heritage, the Treo 600 has an enhanced DateBook - called Calendar, which can be configured to show certain Tasks (ToDos) and has a number of additional features like appointment templates. Apparently this is a stripped down version of Pimilco's DateBk3. Anyway, I was looking for an enhanced ToDo List, not an advanced DateBook. There are numerous ones out there - from the promisingly named ToDo Plus to "CanDo". Then there are the hierarchical information managers like Bonsai (expensive, but from Natara who make the excellent DayNotez), BrainForest (recently acquired by DataViz?) and ShadowPlan (which, according to user reviews appears to be a powerful product with a steep learning curve). I downloaded two freeware hierarchical data managers to try out - IdeaPad and HandOutline.
Also found an updated version of the freeware "HotDate", which now has a red icon instead of the mono-looking black icon. I need to read up on it as it has some features which may be useful.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Treo unexpected use!

The lights (*electricity) went off and my Treo was close at hand (with the battery level at 70%).
I turned the brighness up and what a great flashlight (*torch) it made!

(*English English as opposed to American English)

Saturday, October 01, 2005

More I use it the better it gets...

Innuendos aside (after all, this is a technology blog, not a sex blog), I'm referring to peditPro [the capitalization being the authors].
As well as excellent support - when I had a problem while I was still evaluating the trial version the author of the program responded promptly - I'm continually pleasantly surprised by the powerful features of this text editor. Actually it's almost a disservice to call it a text editor. I've just discovered that I can change the case of a word or selected text - a function that I would normally have to fire up Microsoft Word to perform on a PC Desktop.