Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Switching or migrating

Right now I'm in the process of switching from one Palm handheld to another. Migrating is probably a better word though, since this is taking weeks. Normally I would simply archive the previous Palm's data, uninstall the Palm Desktop, remove a few registry entries and install the Palm Desktop for the new Palm. Then I'd import the information from my previous Palm, reinstall some third party application and be "good to go".

This time however, I'm more cautious, probably because the Tungsten C I'm moving to doesn't have the same enhanced PIM applications as my current PDA, the Tungsten T3. Although I lose these enhancements I gain a QWERTY keyboard and Wi-Fi with the Tungsten C.

Of course if my Treo 650 had more memory (a lot more!), I would switch to it instead. The Tungsten T3 has 52MB of RAM available, and the Tungsten C has 51MB, but the Treo 650 has a measly 22MB of RAM. A new Treo 680 or 700p would have more memory, but would require a two year contract.

Oh well, on with the migration...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

That old feeling

In news that makes you feel old, the Compact Disc format celebrated its 25th Anniversary on Friday. (see this MyWay News article).

This makes me feel especially old since I can remember buying vinyl records in the days before CDs. Since I'm not an audiophile, I can't say I miss the Vinyl records which had to be treated so carefully.

Now the CD is slowly being replaced by digital formats. Thinking about it, I don't often listen to CDs anymore, and the last two albums I bought were through iTunes, although I burned them to CD for backup. CDs bought before that have been mostly ripped into MP3 format - just a quick look on my main PC and I have somewhere over 100 full albums on my hard drive for selective syncing with my iPod Nano. On my main MP3 Player - a 30GB Creative Zen Vision:M - there are 188 Albums, and around 1800 tracks, although it is probably counting Podcasts as well.

As for data storage I've mostly stopped using the CD, and I mainly backup to an external hard drive or DVD. For files I want to carry around with me I use a 4GB USB flash drive.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Zunes and iPods

The price of the Zune is beginning to drop below $200 at some online stores. I'm slightly tempted by this because of the 3 inch color screen and that the Zune is supposed to work well together with the Xbox 360 (see "Use Zune with Xbox 360" on Then I remembered that this Microsoft player does not support Microsoft’s PlaysForSure, or Podcasts, and has half-baked Wi-Fi. So even at this price it is not worth it. This is especially so since new Zunes are due out soon which may fix one or more of these problems - see "Microsoft comments support reports of new Zunes" at InfoWorld

Zune in original colors (light black, chocolate brown, and pearl white)

The real interesting thing to watch out for is the next generation of iPods. The iPhone gives hope for a fullscreen touchscreen iPod (see "6th Generation iPod - What We Know" at , now that would be really cool.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Price drops and format wars

Apparently an Xbox 360 price drop (according to this article from PC World) is almost certain. Oh well it had to come, I knew it was just a matter of time when I bought an Xbox 360 six weeks ago.

The price drop on the HD DVD player add-on for Xbox 360 really doesn't affect me. What I wonder though is whether the consortium backing this HD format is getting concerned because they are falling behind (see "Target to only sell Blu-ray players in stores" on Engadget HD). It is amusing that sales of the Sony PlayStation 3 with its integrated Blu-ray player are bolstering Blu-ray players so much. Lets hope the consumer wins this High Definition format war.