Monday, February 23, 2004


And once more McAfee @#$%#$% reboots my PC...

Dem Firewall Blues...

Installed McAfee Personal Firewall over an hour ago, and many reboots later (to install updates), started to use my PC. Then kablam! the first time I tried to access a shared network drive, my PC gets rebooted.
Aren't I glad no unsaved documents were open...

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Memory Hungry

I'm thinking of buying JackFlash for my Sony NX60. This amazing piece of software costs about $20 and will give extra 4800Kb of space (ROM memory for application usage) on the NX60. It does this by making the "Read-Only memory" of the handheld writable.
The new version of Docs To Go really slow loading documents with some of its programs (notably the 718Kb size WordView+) on the Memory Stick. I realized this because on the Tungsten E which has a much slower processor than the Sony NX60, but oodles more memory, the same version of Docs To Go loads documents really fast.

Friday, February 06, 2004

A new Palm

Got a new Handheld computer today, a Palm Tungsten E from and for work!
It's quite a slick looking unit, and light too. The best thing is that it has 32Mb of RAM, with over 28Mb available. That's a whole lot more available memory than my personal PDA, a Sony NX60, which has 16Mb of RAM, but only 11Mb available
The Tungsten E comes with a load of software, and it is pretty good value for money. If I was in the market for a handheld right now, and did not want one with a camera, I'd take a good look at this one.
There are only two drawbacks, one of them which is more of a personal preference, and the other which could be a problem with Palm accessories.
Graffiti 2: I'm so used to Graffiti 1, I really have a problem with Graffiti 2
No Universal Connector: I guess this is to keep the price low, and it makes it easy for moving between desktop computers, like a travel charger.

See pictures of these handhelds here