Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Gaming machine

I didn't realize how long ago it was that I bought my latest (new) computer. March of 2008, wow. It still runs pretty fast, although that could have to do with the OS being Windows XP instead of Vista/Windows 7.

Anyway, because the machine was actually configured for Vista, it had a dedicated graphics card, something I would never have bothered with. Now I've discovered that it can handle PC games which are a few years old. Cool, because these older games are cheaper than PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 console games.

So back to PC gaming. I've started playing some of the GTA series. The operative word is started. The first "mission" in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (version 2), took me way too long, and when I finally got to saving the game, it complained about a cheat I'd forgotten that I'd used. Rats!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Something Fishy

I got this email today:

"Good Day
My name is Mr. Song Li. I work with the Hang Seng Bank. There is a sum of $19,500,000.00 in my bank Hang Seng Bank", Hong Kong. There were no beneficiaries stated concerning these funds which means no one would ever come to claim it. That is why I ask that we work together.

I do solicit for your assistance in effecting this transaction.I intend to
give 30% of the total funds as compensation for your assistance.

I will notify you on the full transaction on receipt of your response if interested, and I shall send you the details and necessary procedures with which to make the transfer.

Should you be interested? Please send me your:
1. Full names
2. Private phone number
3. Current residential address

You can email me at : { song_lilennn@yahoo.com.hk } (not the actual email address)

Kind Regard.
Mr Song Li"

Yes, very fishy, actually a Nigerian Letter from Hong Kong, see Advance-fee fraud at Wikipedia.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Playin' Games

Last night I played a side-scrolling flying game (Aera) on my iPhone until the battery gave a 20 percent warning. It must have been a good game!

Then I played on the Nintendo DS Lite for over an hour. Usually I get bored with Nintendo games quite quickly, but I was playing a 3D Duke Nukem GBA (GameBoy Advance) game.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

An update

Well I'm back (from where, cyber-wise, I've been instructed not to tell).

Much has changed since I last blogged here. Around a year ago I bought an iPhone 3G. This was after advising a friend in South Africa not to get one, but I was more concerned that he was going to get mugged, especially as he has already had several cellphones stolen.

I've also Jailbroken the iPhone, initially for some of the themes offered by Winterboard, but now I use apps which are simply not available from the Apps Store: SBSettings and mAdvLock. SBSettings allows me to quickly toggle Wi-Fi on or off, or reboot the iPhone. It also hides Apps - like the standard Stocks app which I'm just not wanting to see.

- Posted from my iPhone

Friday, April 17, 2009

All a Twitter

"Hey there! Oprah is using Twitter!" reads the heading on OprahTwitter.com.

Good or bad?