Friday, February 18, 2011

iPhone 4 times 2

Well, we are a two iPhone family - joining many other multi-iPhone families.
I got my wife a Verizon iPhone as a present (with prior approval if course). I managed to get my order in on the Verizon customer pre-order day. Hopefully the mobile voice service on Verizon remains as reliable as it has been up until now. When traveling you need reliable cellular service, and Verizon coverage has always been better that AT&T - I've had an iPhone since the iPhone 3G came out, and my wife had a Verizon phone, and it was always blindingly obvious which voice network was superior. It will be interesting to see how the data coverage compares.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Last night I finally managed to "root" my Dell Streak. I was debating whether or not I should, but to do something as simple as a screenshot an Android device needs to be rooted. Apparently I could connect it to a PC and take a screenshot using the Android SDK, but that seems an awful lot of hassle for something that is so simple on the iPhone. Yes I know that iOS and Android are two totally different animals, but I've got quite used to easily taking screenshots. Anyway, it was relatively easy once I'd found out that I needed to use version 1.55 of "SuperOneClick", and not the latest version. It was definitely a quicker process than upgrading the Dell Streak's firmware from 1.6 to 2.2 (the latest firmware available for the Streak at the end if last year). That was quite a process, but I learned a lot about ADB Drivers and factory restores while doing it - I had a few glitches along the way, and the mini tablet was unusable for a day or so, but it was worth it. The 2.2 firmware has some nice features although the new Dell Stage launcher really didn't impress me, but the great thing about Android is that I was able to download and install an alternative launcher which suited me better.

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