Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2012 the year of Mobile Gaming

This year has really been the year of mobile gaming. Traditional console gaming languished while people waited for the next generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony in 2013. The number of quality games on the iOS (and Android) platforms increased rapidly as the hardware improved. I must confess to playing more games on my iPad than anything else. From "Flick Soccer" to "Infinity Blade 2", and more recently "Road Trip 2" I spent many an hour playing on the iPad. Other games like "Zombie Highway", "Road Trip 2" occupied chunks of my time on the iPhone, the latter being particularly addictive. As for traditional game consoles, I finally bought a PS Vita earlier this year, although I must confess that I've spent more time playing the Sony PSP game "GTA: Liberty City Stories" on the PS Vita than any PS Vita title. That might change now that I've got "Need for Speed: Most Wanted" for the PS Vita. I started playing it last night, or tried to. Ironically this game was a lot easier to get into on the iPhone. Once I got into the game though, this is the best racing game so far for the PS Vita. It is like a mobile "Burnout Paradise" - very good.

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