Friday, February 06, 2004

A new Palm

Got a new Handheld computer today, a Palm Tungsten E from and for work!
It's quite a slick looking unit, and light too. The best thing is that it has 32Mb of RAM, with over 28Mb available. That's a whole lot more available memory than my personal PDA, a Sony NX60, which has 16Mb of RAM, but only 11Mb available
The Tungsten E comes with a load of software, and it is pretty good value for money. If I was in the market for a handheld right now, and did not want one with a camera, I'd take a good look at this one.
There are only two drawbacks, one of them which is more of a personal preference, and the other which could be a problem with Palm accessories.
Graffiti 2: I'm so used to Graffiti 1, I really have a problem with Graffiti 2
No Universal Connector: I guess this is to keep the price low, and it makes it easy for moving between desktop computers, like a travel charger.

See pictures of these handhelds here

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