Thursday, October 30, 2003

Things change fast - it's technology! (Or me asleep at the blunt edge)

Suddenly I woke up to find EruWare has changed its name to Athena America.
Okay, to explain - Eruware was/is the maker of the first Compact Flash driver for the Sony Clie Handheld NX60/70 series of handhelds. These handhelds come with a "WiFi" slot, which is actually a CompactFlash slot, but no drivers for CF Cards (because of course Sony would want you to use Memory Sticks)

According to PDANews24 one of the original developers of the Eruware CF driver split from Eruware and started his own company called PDAscent, Inc. , and released his own product, called CF Magic. CF Magic is available at PalmGear.

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