Saturday, April 10, 2004

Woody and apt-get

This weekend I installed "Woody" twice. The first time I did not read the important information at Distrowatch (here and here).
If I had, I would have read about the secret method of installing Debian with an up-to-date 2.4 kernel (see mini glossary below). So the first time I ended up installing Debian Linux with the old 2.2.? kernel. I also managed to miss the step which installs lilo (the Linux loader), so I was not able to boot into Debian anyway.

The second installation went much better. I made sure installed the 2.4 kernel and LILO to the Linux partition. Once I'd booted up into Debian I used apt-get to download and install a couple of packages.

Then came the setting up of X-Windows(see mini glossary below). The last time I tried Debiam Linux (the "Potato" version) I gave up at this point after trying a few times. This time I was able to look up the X86Free Setup options on the internet on a second machine. The X-Windows setup went without a hitch, and I was soon running KDE.

Mini Glossary
As an aside, for Linux newbies:
kernel - something like the DOS, but supercharged.
X-Windows - think of numerous versions of "Windows" which can be run on top of "DOS". User friendly (and non-free) versions of Linux like Xandros, Lindows and Mandrake configure X-Windows automatically during setup.

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