Saturday, May 20, 2006

AOL Music canceled

Well, I finally canceled my trial of AOL Music Service, before the 30 day trial period had ended of course. It was just that it was so difficult. First, because I wasn't sure that the Music Service was what AOL calls a "Premium Service", I got put through to the wrong department who put me through to Bangalore or somewhere similar. I was then advised to phone the number I had phoned. By the time I go through to the right human being it was hard to be civil.

Canceling Rhapsody was easier and they actually asked why. AOL it seems couldn't care.

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Anonymous said...

hooray for you!! i find the aol files are hard to find since msn took over or became partners....i admit i'm a lil old lady and don't like some of the changes...but i'm glad to find someone who seems to agree...i want the old place they did away with...i have a few of the links that still work but not the main one (which they probably did away with....those were the days they didn't have mp3s tho... maybe we can make em switch back to a less complicated way? hah! i'll keep on dreaming tho.....