Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Grrr! Microsoft Windows updates

My iPod is now syncing, and I no longer get an error about HHCTRL.OCX when I start up my PC.

Why? Because I uninstalled the latest Microsoft patch KB925902.

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Anonymous said...

Just posting this heads up--

I also started having major problems after installing patch KB925902.

Explore (the file & desktop manager) went into a repeating crash/restart cycle. I had to leave the dialog boxes for the crash up on the screen (since the app wasn't actually dead) and start control panel to remove the patch (add/remove programs, show updates, selected and remove).

Once I uninstalled KB925902, I opened a command shell and restarted the pc with:

shutdown -f -r -t 05

(force all windows closed, restart, 5 seconds)

No more problems, just told windows update to ignore that patch until I find out what's going on.