Thursday, October 14, 2010


Last night managed to save the "SHSH Blob" Baseband finger signature of my iPhone 4 to the TinyUmbrella Application on my MacBook. Unfortunately I hadn't thought things through, and when it came to restoring the iPhone I realized that it was going to crash because I had too many Apps.
It does seem like iTunes restores Folders and their contents, but since I was using the Infinifolders Jailbroken App, some of the Apps would have overflowed out if their folders. Anyway, I cancelled the restore, and then spent hours pruning the Apps which I could so without restoring. After I restarted the restore, it didn't go as per the documentation - the restore was supposed to crash with a specific error which would allow the TinyUmbrella Application to restore the baseband for iPhone OS 4.01. Instead, my baseband was upgraded along with the firmware, although I have the "SHSH Blobs" saved so theoretically I can restore to the older baseband. However, I most likely have to Jailbreak the iPhone to do this. My iPhone firmware is now 4.1, the iPhone is no longer Jailbroken, but on the bright side it seems that most if my settings and data for third party Apps was restored, which I'm really glad about.

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