Sunday, July 17, 2011

Jailbreak Me!

I really wasn't planning on Jailbreaking my iPad, but when "Jailbreakme 3.0" was released about a week ago I just couldn't resist. After waiting a few days for the bugs to be ironed out I navigated to on my iPad, clicked the "Free" button, and within seconds my iOS device was Jailbroken. It was so quick I thought it hadn't worked until I saw the Cydia icon.

Ironically I'd re-jailbroken my iPhone a few weeks ago using "redsn0w" after a few months of running without it being Jailbroken. I'd been psyching myself up for the release of iOS 5, which I expect may not have an untethered Jailbreak available for some time.

Before that, something was interfering with the Infinity Blade game on my iPhone - with "Dodges" just not being recognized - and I was trying to eliminate all possibilities. I'd previously encountered some problems with in App settings of the Activator library, when I found that a lot of my screen taps in the "Zombie Highway" game by RenderPlaz just not being recognized. Then it was a case of changing the Activator settings to only recognize hard buttons. So my favorite Jailbroken App SBSettings had to be activated by a volume up button press and hold.

The problems with Infinity Blade were much more difficult to diagnose - people on the Epic Games forums were reporting that the Dodging mechanism had been changed in an update. I took the drastic step of upgrading my firmware and not re-breaking my iPhone, and somewhere between that and the latest firmware the problems went away. Of course I not only lost the free SBSettings App (the quickest way to change a whole bunch of settings, as well as Power Off or reboot an iPhone), but also the paid Overboard and Multifl0w Apps, which I still sorely miss, especially Overboard.

I haven't dared re-installing any of these Apps on my iPhone, as they all depend on the Activator library. Also, it has forced me to scale back to the iPhone maximum 11 Pages instead of 14 (Overboard and a few other Jailbroken Apps remove the 11 Page limit). Also, with the firmware upgrade I was forced to prune a lot of the Games and Apps from the "Free App a Day" Feeds which I had been hoarding.

The really good 4th of July Game Sales since then have put a whole bunch of new games on my Springboard in "Games 2 try" folders.

Yesterday Apple released a patch for the latest security hole in Safari. This was the same hole which was used for the latest "Jailbreak Me" Jailbreak which was so easy to use. My iPhone and iPad are both patched with PDFPatcher anyway, so they my staty Jailbroken until iOS 5.

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