Saturday, November 15, 2003

Cool Palm

This weekend I got to try out the Tungsten C handheld (unfortunately not mine). It is one awesome handheld computer. The keyboard is much better thought out than the one on my Sony NX60 (how did I get from a Palm M505 to a Sony NX60 - that's another story). You can do most of the things you need to from the keyboard. I did not figure out a way to select words, but then again I haven't read the manual (yet). I did not really test out the speed, but the oodles of available memory just made me itch to load all the programs I could - hey, it would be 30Mb gone before you could blink!
What really was great was the wireless capability. It really is great to check your email, browse the web and check the weather forecast from a PDA.

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