Tuesday, November 11, 2003

More from the blunt edge...

My desktop computer is not what you would call leading edge. In fact, considering the workstations I use at work, it hardly even seems to qualify as blunt edge.
The specs are quite depressing actually:
Compaq Presario 5461
500 MHz AMD K-6 processor (with 3DNow! technology - I can't remember what 3DNow is except it was something extra added to the processor by AMD. (Info here if you are interested)
10.0 GB Hard Drive - I've since added a 20Gb Hard drive
64 MB 100 MHz SyncDRAM - which has been upgraded to 192Mb RAM - 8Mb is used as video memory.
CD-RW 4x2x24 Drive - a big selling point at the time - which has since been replaced by a CD-RW 48x24x48 Drive, the latest and fastest piece of hardware on the machine.

On this machine I'm currently running two Windows 98SE partitions on the second hard drive, Xandros Desktop Linux (I would highly recommend this Linux distro to anyone wanting to move from Windows to Linux), and Windows XP Professional, which gives decent performance on this machine.
To run all of these Operating Systems, I use a freeware utility called XOSL (Extended Operating System Loader). The original website (www.xosl.org) is down, but XOSL is available at ranish.com. Please read the manual and the FAQ and anything else before using this excellent tool! There is also a user group on Yahoo.

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