Thursday, May 20, 2004

The Cons

I'd only mentioned the pros about my shortlist of camera cell phones.

Here's the Cons:

Motorola V600
- Expensive - not quite as much as the Treo 600, but still as much as my last PDA cost.

NEC 525
- Camera the same resolution as the Sony Ericsson T616, which costs $100 less
- Too big and/or bulky (size really does matter when it comes to a cell phone!)
- Intellisync for PC Sync - I've used this software and don't like it
- 2 Mb of Shared Memory - same as the Sony Ericsson T616
- NEC only has one other GSM phone on the US market...

Sony Ericsson T616
- Average RF (so I've heard)
- Need to buy a holster/case
- photos can only be moved off the phone using the cellular carrier's network

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