Monday, May 31, 2004

Reveal your sources

In my research for a new cellphone, I've found the following websites helpful:

(These are in no particular order)

HowardChui - some in-depth reviews, if you don't mind seeing his picture over and over again, holding up a cellphone to the camera. A related resource, HowardForums, has some interesting information too.

I don't use forums as a primary source of information, but mainly to confirm information.

PhoneScoop - an excellent source for news, information on phones and carriers, as well as upcoming cellphones. There is also a "Phone Finder" to find phones matching your specifications, and user forums.

The mother of all technology sites, CNET, has reviews and prices on the latest phones.

Wireless Advisor has how-to articles, for example "How to Choose a Wireless Phone Service", and other informative articles, as well as forums.

MobileBurn features reviews, rumors and forums.

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