Monday, November 06, 2006

Cellphone Research Stopped!

Actually it is only temporarily suspended. My (early) research for a new cellphone has temporarily halted. The reason: I'm drawing up a Christmas "Wish List". Cellphone research can resume after New Year.

My wish list so far is:

Nintendo DS Lite game console.
But it has two counts against it - the majority of games are mainly aimed at children, and I already have a Sony PSP. If I want a more portable gaming device than the PSP I always have the Tungsten T3, which has a number of games on, as well as the Tapwave Zodiac, which I often take with on shorter trips.
A replacement for my iPod Mini - its battery life is getting worse - either the iPod Nano or Sandisk Sansa or maybe a Creative Zen V Plus.
"Media Carousel" from - the black one which takes 150 CD/DVDs for $132 - but it is maybe rather large (physically)
Microsoft Flight Simulator for PC with airplane controls (or similar for Sony Playstation 2) or Nascar PC game with Driving controls
iGo charging kit - consisting of iGo juice 70 ($129.99 - power from wall/auto/airplane) or iGo wall85 ($79.99 - power from wall only), iGo dualpower (free with iGo juice 70 or iGo wall85) - allows charging of notebook and another gadget simultaneously, also need iGo power splitter ($14.99). Also iGo powerXtender($24.99) - power from 4 AA batteries.
iGo power tips for devices cost $9.99 each - Need 5 Tips =$50
Cost = iGo wall85 ($79.99) + iGo power splitter ($14.99) + iGo powerXtender($24.99) + iGo power tips ($50) = $169.99 (plus tax). This would be useful, but it is not really appealing as a Christmas present (too practical)
Nintendo Wii (or maybe not..)

Of course, I can only choose ONE item from the list above...

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