Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Freeware Text Editors
I've been trying out some freeware text editors, mainly to edit source code.

Crimson Editor is quite a good one. It has some bugs though, like when saving a file to a different Drive (on the network) it saves an empty file.
Also, when using Crimson Editor to open a file from the Windows Explorer, if the Filename contains spaces, Crimson Editor makes a total mess-up.

Another freeware text editor I'm trying is jEdit, which needs a the Jave Runtime (an 8 Mb download - trying to get jEdit to work with Windows Jave machine just looked like too much of a hassle ), and once jEdit is installed, it takes up a further 12 Mb.
It is a bit slow to load, even slower than Crimson Editor, but then it has a reason to be slow - it is running in an interpreted environment
However, I'm quite impressed with jEdit. It seems very powerful, totally configurable (I would just like to be able to totaly change the toolbar in on shot, not one icon at a time.

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