Thursday, August 28, 2003

More freeware archiving utilities

When I first tried ZipGenius, it was at version 1.4 .
I missed something in the Impressive installation, and when I ran it, ALL the program captions, menus etc. etc. were in Italian..Mama Mia!!!
Later I reinstalled ZipGenius (using the suite this time) and was able to figure out how to switch language to English.
Just after installing ZipGenius, my machine started getting Windows Explorer Invalid Page Faults...caused by ZipGenius???, when in doubt...I uninstalled it.
Several months later, I tried ZipGenius 5.1. First I tried installing the Studio Edition - 5.1 Std edition was very buggy - maybe it was a beta version.
Then I installed the Suite Edition. It features an interesting (Windows Xp-like) interface on Windows 98SE. Somehow I was able delete ALL the files from an archive when only wanting to delete selected one (I show have read the dialog box more carefully perhaps).
Performance-wise, it took just 5 seconds to delete files from the 74.1 Mb test zip file...

Next I tried ZipStar 4.0 "Free for non-commercial use"
Jawohl - looks very efficient - it installs MFC60xx.dll and other dlls though.
It looked fast, so I wanted to test its speed, but when I opened big file, it showed directory structure, and I could not figure out how to see ALL files in ALL directories...oh well.
One of the supported archive file types are SQX files, but they do not have password protection.
Version 4.2 was released on July 16, 2003 - I may give it try later.

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