Saturday, March 27, 2004

And now for the mind-bend

Got the crazy idea to install Debian GNU/Linux over a perfect good Xandros Linux partition on my old machine. The Xandros Linux is at version 1.0, and I would need to fork out about $30 to upgrade to version 2.0 Standard. Since I don't use Linux that much, I though I'd give the free (yes, really free) Debian Linux a try.
Let's see now, I downloaded the network install about 3 hours ago, and the install has been running since then. It's got to the "Setting up Packages" part. When and if it boots, I'll see if the X-Windows actually works without my having to delve into virtually incomprehensible configuration files. Okay, okay, I know Windows XP has totally spoiled me, but then it's not free...

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