Saturday, March 06, 2004

Thoughts on the Palm Tungsten E

I've been using this handheld for a month now, and I like it.
It's light (weight-wise and pocketbook-wise) and has plenty of features for the
Favorite feature - the whopping 29Mb of free RAM. This is something that is so important to a software hoarder like me - I literally have CDs full of freeware and shareware apps, some of which I've never installed due to space limitations on my personal handheld (a Sony NX60 which only has 11Mb of available space out of 16Mb) Currently I have just over 1 Mb free on the Sony NX60, and about 11Mb free on the Tungsten E. I would even choose RAM over extra features like a camera.
Thing I miss most compared to the Sony NX60 - the keyboard, especially when entering
a lot of data.
The Tungsten E also comes with loads of useful software, like Documents To Go Professional Edition and Handmark MobileDB, amongst many others. One thing it could do with though, is a File Manager (although the freeware program FileZ is good).
Must have software (for me anyway): Teal Script.

Conclusion: Move over Zire 71, the Tungsten E is the winner in this price division.

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