Tuesday, March 16, 2004

More McAfee

I'm still using the McAfee Internet Security Suite, despite the problems. Basically
it was either that or Norton Antivirus 2004 with it's Activation (and activation
problems), or a crossgrade to McAfee. There was also a PC Magazine article
which gave McAfee Internet Security 2004 a better rating than Norton Internet Security 2004,
specifically for detecting Spyware. I was looking for an Anti-virus, and with the current paranoia
about spyware, (and a good price), decided on McAfee.

I'd tried an earlier version of Norton Internet Security, and it worked fine,
although after a few weeks I had to turn off Ad blocking to speed up my machine, and
eventually the firewall mysteriously stopped my PocketPC from syncing. After that I
uninstalled it.

I don't use the pop-up ad blocker in McAfee. My browser of choice is Mozilla, which
has its own pop-up ad blocker. For the rare times when I use Internet Explorer, I
have the free Google toolbar installed, and it's pop-up ad blocker works really
well. As for blocking webpage ads, that is also built into Mozilla.

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