Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Bannerware Rant/Review

While trying out some of the freeware archiving programs, I ran into a bannerware archive

The program is ZipWrangler (version 1.2). It looks like another freeware archiver program
which may be worth downloading to give it a try. Don't even bother. If the weird looking
setup program does not put you off, running ZipWrangler certainly will (an where did they
dig up that color scheme?).

When you run the program, at the top of the wacky interface is a banner which advertises the
companies other programs, presumably all bannerware. To get rid of the advertising banners,
you need to pay "under $12", and there's a link to a webpage, but when you get there, no mention of
the price of ZipWrangler, just their other high-priced products.

Just to add to it all, after uninstalling ZipWrangler it leaves a file ltwain.ini in the
Windows directory (why?), does not remove the ZipWrnagler directory, and of course leaves
the entries it added to the Windows registry. Admittedly, most programs don't delete the registry
entries they have added.

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