Monday, September 15, 2003

Moving to the iPaq

Converting my PIM Data (Addressbook, Datebook, Memos etc) was really easy, using Starfish
TrueSync which had come with the Clie: just a sync from the Clie to Outlook, then from
Outlook to the iPaq. I could write notes in either one, and beam between them with the help
of PeaceMaker Conduits which had come with the iPaq.

Then I set about replacing the programs on the Clie with equivalents on the iPaq.
Many programs, hacks and utilities did not need replacements, like JackFlash, which the
iPaq File Store effectively replaced. Pocket Word replaced the Memopad. The Dictionary that
came with Microsoft Reader was excellent.

One gripe though:
Since Windows 95, users have become used to the fact that the "X" on the top right of a
window closes that window, so which idiotic software engineer at Microsoft
decided that the "X" on the top right of windows on the PocketPC platform would minimize
a window?

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