Tuesday, September 09, 2003

My first PDA

My first PDA/Handheld computer was a charcoal Vtech Helio.
Anyone remember those?

I bought it on special for $50 after rebates at CompUSA.

For fifty bucks it had impressive features:
8 Mb memory
Record/Playback voice
Standard PIM apps
Serial Sync to PC

Of course it was on special because VTech had just discontinued its foray into the handheld
computer business.

Despite this, and the other problems (occasional crashes, needed screen/stylus recalibration often),
I was soon using it daily.

See Dave's Review here

However, the OS was proprietary. All that RAM and only a few 3rd party Apps available.

So I eyed the Palm platform, with thousands of 3rd party apps just waiting to be

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