Saturday, September 13, 2003

Palm defector?

Well, I finally did it. I was going to hang on until
my birthday and buy a color Sony Clie Handheld.
Instead, I've just bought a Compaq iPaq 3765 PocketPC
(with Micro$oft PocketPC 2002 OS). The DBA here at
work, who is probably on his third Palm, a M505, keeps
on saying "Defector, defector!"

In true M$ fashion, Outlook 2002 (which comes packaged
with the iPaq) crashed on install, and I had to search
the web for a fix from M$'s knowledge-base. After
playing with it for a while, I figure it may take some
time before I can consider replacing my Sony Clie S300
with the iPaq. Otherwise, there is a CD-load of
software to install on the PPC, which I need to set
aside a weekend to do.

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