Friday, September 12, 2003

Want color!

My Sony Clie PEG-S300 never gave me any problems. It was a great little handheld, and I don't remember ever
having to do a hard reset.

Then someone put the idea of a HP Jornado 340-something in my mind. They could get hold of
one, at a good price. Problem was, it was from a friend of a friend, no questions asked,
nudge-nudge wink-wink. The dubious source put me off - I did not want anything to do with a
possibly stolen handheld. But the idea of a Windows powered device would not go away,
especially one with a color screen.

My little Clie started looking dull with its black and green screen.

At that stage you couldn't get a new Palm with a color screen for less than $500.
Since I worked on Windows everyday, a PDA with a Windows Operating system seemed to make
perfect sense.

to be continued...

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