Monday, September 08, 2003

Latest Toy

This weekend I tried out my latest toy, a Navman GPS 3450.
It's the sleeve version for the Compaq iPaq, and has a slot for a CompactFlash card -
very handy because the map I used was at least 30Mb.

Anyway, I used it to drive to a beach over 20 miles away. The turn-by-turn voice
directions are good, although you sometimes need to glance at a map for where the road
splits. The Windshield mounting bracket worked surprisingly well, and I was able to have
the PocketPC screen just under the rearview mirror, although much lower, so I could glance
at it every now and then. The re-routing worked well to, getting me back on track when I
deliberately made a wrong turn.

More information on the GPS sleeve is available from:
Navman Mobile

A good website with reviews and a lot of links is:
Pocket GPS

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