Saturday, September 20, 2003

RSS Feeds

I have to interrupt my exciting series "Handhelds I have owned, loved and hated" to delve into some other technology I have recently got into - RSS Feeds. Don't worry, handhelds will be back!

I first read about RSS Feeds in the print edition of PC Magazine. (Yeah, that's where I keep up to date on bleeding edge technology!)

Anyway, I tried SharpReader, but was not overly impressed by it. Then in a web search I found Syndirella, another RSS Feed Reader which also runs on the MS .NET Framework. I assume the name Syndirella has something to do with RSS Feeds being syndicated - like television shows or newspaper columns? One neat thing about Syndirella is that it is quite like a Web Browser, in that hitting a "Back" button gets you out of the built-in Browser and back to the list of News feeds. Also, it can be used to get information from normal webpages, based on keywords, which seems like a really useful feature.

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